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This website gives general information that was correct at the date of publication. However, Federation University Technology Parks reserve the right to alter any procedure or regulation at any time without notice.

Federation University Technology Parks are not responsible for the contents of any off site information. Please read this page in full before continuing.

Offensive Material

The Australian Broadcasting Services Amendment Act sets out a formal procedure to be followed when material published on a website is deemed offensive. Consistent with this, the Federation University Technology Parks have a documented procedure for the removal of material found to be offensive by the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA).

Any complaints relating to material believed to be offensive by a user of this site may be directed to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, (toll free telephone 1800 226 667 or Online Complaints Form), who if satisfied the material is offensive, will issue a Take Down Notice to the University.

Independently of the above process, any viewer of this website who encounters material that they regard as offensive is invited to bring it to the attention of the Team Leader, Web Services. If it is agreed that the material is offensive it will be removed.

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