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Technology Park Management

The Executive Director's Perspective

The Ballarat Technology Parks (BTP) continued to thrive and prosper and make a very significant contribution to the regional economy. 

A report commissioned by Federation University indicated that the economic impact of the Technology Park to be $300 million, with $100 million contributed in wages and salaries.  The BTP provides approximately 700 full-time jobs to Ballarat's economy equal to almost five percent of the total full-time employment in the City.

The immediate goals of the BTP are to:


Jeff Pulford                                                                                                                                Executive Director, Ballarat Technology Park


Vision of Technology Park:

To be recognised nationally and internationally as Australia’s leading regional Technology Park, characterised by a diversity of ICT and related technologies, operating within a dynamic innovation and enterprise development culture.


Mission of Technology Park:

To provide an environment where business enterprise and innovation are valued, fostered and championed through the provision of high quality facilities.  In addition, where technology-based partnerships can be forged for the ongoing benefit of business, the University and the region.

The vision and mission are pursued through the following objectives:

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