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Inviting Expansion In - Energy Technologies

The Ballarat Technology Park's are very committed to business diversification and the growth of energy technologies. A strong focus of the proposed Stage 2 Park expansion will centre on investment attraction of innovative enterprises engaged with new and emerging energy technologies.

The University’s School of Science, Information Technology and Engineering offers a diverse range of quality teaching programs, as well opportunities for pure and applied research into alternative energies and sustainable futures. The School’s Centre for Environmental Management (CEM) has been active in research and consultancy for both government and private enterprises for approximately 20 years. There are often strong ‘energy conservation’ and environmental sustainability themes in the work undertaken by CEM.

The advantages for energy technology enterprises locating at the Park include:

The Ballarat Technology Park has strong professional relationships and associations with AusBiotech and Unigateway (affiliation of all Victorian Universities) and is committed to ensuring that all biomedical enterprises are tangibly supported and assisted to achieve market success.

Contact Jeff Pulford, Executive Director Ballarat Technology Park on 03 53276663 or

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